• 2018 - Present: Agent Brand: About 120 shops and dealers for distribution brands in Taiwan. OGK / Gel-cool / Hokkaido White Bear / Tomioka Cleaning / Innocent Coffee DECAF.

  • 2016: There are about 50 cooperative bicycle shops in Taiwan.

  • 2015: Gifts Business / Import and Export Products Cross-sports.

  • 2014: New import agency business. Agent bicycle parts brand: Japan OGK bicycle child seat / MKS / NITTO / CRANEBELL.

  •  2008:  The company set up a special bicycle department for export.


1. Provide our customers with efficient, professional and good quality services.

2. Strengthen the acceptance of our brands associated with national and international clients.

3. Seeking growth through new ideas, new products, and strong partnerships.


4. Continuously improve our business, negotiation, communication and logistics processes.


To be the preferred partner in the supply and distribution of products, in the domestic and international areas.


  1. Approachable

  2. Confident

  3. Friendly

  4. Honest

  5. Innovate

  6. Modern

  7. Sincere

  8. Young


People: Internal talent pooling and cooperation with manufacturers customers.

Altruism: We established a business model that middlemen can also operate for a long time.

Share: Share good things and share excellent knowledge.

Blessing: The power of a good cycle, the company that blesses the world.




Bike: The origin of our journey; bicycle assembly, and parts.

Design: Offer personalized, efficience and original design services.

Zakka: A Japanese word that encompasses the meaning of  'miscellaneous things', everything and anything that improves your home, life, and appearance.