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Meet Innocent Coffee:

In June 2015, this decaffeinated coffee was born in Japan. The founder, Ms. Yujing states: "People always say that no (low) caffeine has such a bad taste, and I want to change it"

Yujing, who has 20 years of coffee experience, chooses from the origin of raw beans, cultivates, imports freshness, and roasts technology full of wisdom and emotions. Each coffee flavor focuses on freshness management and taste maintenance. Innocent


Coffee beans/powder, Filter hanging coffee bag, Dip coffee triangle bag, and Large packaging for enterprises.



No.1-11, Hong’an Ln., Sec. 3, Xitun Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City 40763, Taiwan.

T: 886 4 2465 3188
F: 886 4 2465 5199

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